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LARA - Line level preamplifier Trafomatic Audio LARA line level preamplifier We’ve been repeatedly asked to introduce a line level preamplifier with more affordable price sticker, but without compromises and [...]


Reference Line One

Reference Line One - Stereo tube line preamplifier Our Reference Line One is the ideal complement to our 300B Reference or Kaivalya monaural amplifiers and naturally another power amplifiers including any SS power [...]


Evolution Line One

Evolution Line One - Tube preamplifier The Evolution Line One is full tube stereo line preamplifier in the Evolution series. It came as a logical extension of the Elegance Evolution power amplifier. Consequently, [...]



Luna - Tube phono preamplifier Luna tube phono preamplifier is top class product in Trafomatic Audio production . The main advantage is that this preamplifier use very rare LCR method to [...]


Reference Phono One

Reference Phono One - Tube phono preamplifier Description coming soon Reference Phono One - Image gallery Specifications Specifications  coming soon


Evolution Phono One

Evolution One - OP AMP phono preamplifier The Evolution Phono One is entry level OP AMP based phono preamplifier with separated MC and MM inputs as well as possibility to choice MC [...]