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Trafomatic Audio Lara – 6moon review

Tubers are "a much thickened underground part of a stem or rhizome, e.g. in the potato, serving as a food [...]

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Nice photo set from Igor Opassi's (Tafos Mudio & Multimedia) visit of the Trafomatic Audio factory premises in Serbia. You [...]

  • elysium

Trafomatic Audio ELYSIUM power amplifier rewiev part one (Mono & Stereo)

TRAFOMATIC AUDIO ELYSIUM POWER AMPLIFIER REVIEW PART ONE How do you approach and review of the amplifier like Trafomatic Audio [...]

  • Trafomatic_Audio_300b

Trafomatic Audio 300B STEALTH amplifier story (Mono & Stereo)

Sometimes when passion, emotion, friendship, and savoir-faire are mixed, something special is created.  In this particular case the result was [...]

  • lara

Trafomatic Audio LARA line level preamplifier NEW (Mono & Stereo)

Trafomatic Audio strikes again. Saša Čokić new creation comes in the form a all new line preamplifier in two chassis [...]

  • ely

Trafomatic Audio ELYSIUM (Mono & Stereo)

Trafomatic Audio ELYSIUM ultimate power amplifiers NEW   Along with other just introduced new products, Trafomatic Audio is unveiling the [...]

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Trafomatic Audio Drina ultimate tube power amplifiers (Mono & Stereo)

Trafomatic Audio Drina ultimate tube power amplifiers NEW Balkanian Kondo San - aka Saša Čokić of Trafomatic Audio strikes again. [...]

  • EOS

Trafomatic Audio EOS power amplifier review and test (Mono & Stereo)

Trafomatic Audio EOS power amplifier review and test I do believe Saša Čokić and his venture Trafomatic Audio needs no [...]

  • Trafomatic Audio - Head 2

Trafomatic Audio HEAD 2 tube headphone amplifier (Mono & Stereo)

There was something special waiting me at the Trafomatic Audio boot at Munich high-end audio show 2014. The all new HEAD [...]

  • Trafomatic_Audio_Phono_nona_matej_isak_mono_and_stereo

Trafomatic Audio Phono Nona (Mono & Stereo)

Trafomatic Audio Phono nona One of the kind New ultimate statement phono preamplifier from the tube artisan Saša Čokić of Trafomatic [...]

  • Trafomatic Audio Vilobha monos

Trafomatic Audio Vilobha monos (Mono & Stereo)

Winter white tube magic Saša Čokić execution in tube perfection. Custom made, this for sure looks like premium valve mono-blocks. [...]