Reference One
Our Reference One is the ideal complement to our 300B Reference or Kaivalya monaural amplifiers and naturally another single- ended class A design used II C core output transformers at the output and possibility to drive any power amplifier, allowing you to have the most choice possible.
After releasing our Kaivalya monaural amplifiers, we were asked for an integrated stereo version with remote control. Retaining the Kaivalya's class A p/p output stage around a quartet of EL84/6BQ5 per channel driven from an ECC81, the Premise merely omits the complex and costly interstage transformer of the monos. With three inputs and 20 watts of minimum feedback tube power, the Premise not only inherits the white lacquer finish of the Kaivalya but the lion's share of its sonics.
Like our custom 2A3 monos and reference white Kaivalya EL84 monos, the Aries integrated began life as a custom commission. Unlike the two others, this time the client wasn't a private music lover but hifi distributor. He'd read a review about how the Kaivalyas came into being. Now he was inspired to ask whether we could design for him a low-power amplifier which he would bundle with the Hoyt Bedford line of single-driver speakers he imports to Australia. Their sensitivity requires little power. Their value pricing asked for an equally affordable but quality amplifier. Thus was born the Trafomatic Audio Aries.
For more power than is easily available from 2A3 and 300B direct-heated triodes, we offer the EL84-based Kaivalya mono amplifiers. This project began as a custom commission for an audio magazine editor. It is now a production item in our top White Range. The brief submitted for this project asked for 45-type refinement and speed, lower THD, higher linearity, more bandwidth and 25 watts of power.
Experience ONE
The Experience One is the first product in the Experience series. The Experience series is a result of many years of developing output transformers for tube amplifiers. It is one of the finest products in its class. Single Ended topology, no-negative feedback, Double-C core output transformers and top-notch power supply are just some of the ambitious specifications that Trafomatic Audio established as a de-facto standard for their amplifiers. With its design and sound quality the Experience One will represent an easily recognizable style. It will bring a new dimension to your listening pleasures.
Experience TWO
The Experience Two is yet another integrated stereo Single Ended amplifier in the Experience series. Its design and topology make a natural progression following the very successful Experience One amplifier. No-compromise power supply and output transformers wound on Double-C cores characterize the Experience Two as another definitive audiophile product. Retro look of amplifier emphasizes visual harmony between metal and wood. Simple and elegant design and minimum of very high quality parts preserve primal qualities of reproduced sound and bring new dimensions to music listening.
Experience REFERENCE
The world's greatest amplifiers? The Experience 300B monos by Trafomatic Audio are the company’s first statement amplifier and truly formidable to behold. They are beautifully handcrafted in piano gloss lacquer over wood and laid out such as to provide the shortest paths between components. With oversized output transformers finished in an attractive gold finish, the Experience Reference amplifiers continue the Trafomatic Audio tradition of producing tube audio which qualifies as true works of art. Stunning!
Experience ELEGANCE
Experience Elegance is the most powerful amplifier in the Experience series. It is constructed as push-pull using well known 6550 output tubes. Output power is 40W per channel, which is sufficient for most speakers, even those with lower than average sensitivity. This is a power amplifier, requiring preamplifier and opening endless possibilities for system configuration. Based on previous work on negative feedback, -6dB reaction has been tuned to provide sound equivalent to a good Single Ended application.
Experience ELEGANCE Integrated
The Experience Elegance is yet another but integrated stereo Push -Pull amplifier in the Experience series. Its design and topology make a natural progression following the very successful Experience Elegance power amplifier. No-compromise power supply and output transformers wound on Double-C cores characterize the Experience Elegance int. as another definitive audiophile product.
Experience LINE ONE
The Experience Line One is the first stereo line preamplifier in the Experience series. It came as a logical extension of the Experience power amplifiers. Consequently, we were challenged with a difficult task of meeting high quality of the existing Experience products. This product, as well as all the previous ones, is built following the principle of using minimum of active parts with the top quality passives. After the long development and multitude of circuit variations The Experience Line One was born.
Experience HEAD ONE
Continuing with our line of fine amplifiers in Experience series, Experience Head One tube stereo headphone amplifier has been released on audio scene recently. Following basic design principle in accordance with philosophy of whole Experience series, this product offering an extended functionality unusual with amplifiers of the same type. beside it's general purpose to drive different types of dynamic headphones, this device is designed with some additional and very useful features.
Experience MODEL 500/1000/3000
The power conditioners from Trafomatic Audio provide cleaner AC power to sensitive electrical equipment and elevate its sonic performance to a higher level. This range consists of the models 500, 1000 and 3000. The figures refer to their maximum output rating in watts. 
Classic 500
Trafomatic Audio's Classic 500 power conditioner uses narrow-band transformer coupling from a custom 800VA toroid to filter out unwanted AC line harmonics. At 250Hz, attenuation already is 10dB, at ultrasonic frequencies in the 100kHz band, it is a very significant 45dB. The Classic 500 offers outlets for three components.