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Rhapsody – Integrated amplifier

Rhapsody is the pinnacle of our decades of experience in developing State of the art valve amplifiers. The name itself is the expression of our devotion
to the Music and the Art.

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Primavera – Headphone Amplifier

Primavera  is the reborning in our lifes cycles. It’s the time when we celebrate the season of renewal and regrowth. The brand new Primavera headphone amplifier from Trafomatic Audio is precisely this, a new,  fresh approach for the most intimate listening, and is here to stay for all the years around.

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Glenn – Mono Power Amplifier

The world’s greatest 300B amplifiers ever build?

The ‘’Glenn’’ Parralel Single Ended 300B mono amplifiers are Trafomatic Audio’s latest statement amplifiers and truly formidable to behold. These elegant, handbuild amplifiers provide the shortest paths between components. Combine Sasa Cokic experience of over 30 years of tube amplifier buildings with oversized output transformers and the best components possible and you get what the Glenn amplifiers are all about: a true  work of art!

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At Trafomatic Audio we don’t take any of the usual high-end audio norms as standard.

The Heart and Soul of Innovation

We’re setting them by moving the bar of extreme by each of our products. We strive for utmost excellence that goes beyond of what industry tried to enforced on the listeners for past few daces. Where most stops, our journey just begins.

Elysium! You will love it.

Elysium leads to the ultimate aural experience, taking no prisoners and defining of what’s possible in the domain of exotic high-end audio.

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Lara: a new preamplifier is born!

We’re more then happy and proud to unveil the all NEW Lara Line preamplifier

LARA comes as a two chassis line level preamplifier fully balanced, remotely controlled Class A line stage with outputs transformers, custom made chokes, separate power supply and 20dB gain.

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