At Trafomatic Audio we don’t take any of the usual high-end audio norms as standard. We’re setting them by moving the bar of extreme by each of our products.

We strive for utmost excellence that goes beyond of what industry tried to enforced on the listeners for past few daces. Where most stops, our journey just begins.

We don’t follow established norms. Where others see notes, we see the time related profound musical micro universe. By not bow ing down to the false pretenses of so called high-end audio attributes our creations project unforgettable lifetime musical experience that will blow your minds and senses. Our love for music is a pure as our products.

There is no returning point after the Trafomatic Audio exposure. our electronics. All of the Trafomatic Audio products share the same DNA and even on the entry level point you can set apart our gems from the products carrying multiplied price tags.

We’re musical creators in the service of the music and real people making musical machines for the real people.

Many people from whole world recognized our bold and daring energy.

Trafomatic Audio electronic universe floats the sublime and refined sophistication where your typically disoriented electrons flow with the majestic universal order where emotional interaction strikes with an earth bound effect intimately relating to the true harmonic language and not bits and parts of clinical audio dissection. We care for purity of the music and we tune our musical instruments to the perfection.

The one and only true pure Zen high-end audio venture is welcoming you to joins us on the endless quest for the audio nirvana.