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May 2017


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Nice photo set from Igor Opassi's (Tafos Mudio & Multimedia) visit of the Trafomatic Audio factory premises in Serbia. You can spot quite few exotics there (Elysium, Collins) and a Trafomatic system getting ready for the Munich High End Audio Show 2017. Link:

March 2017

Trafomatic Audio ELYSIUM power amplifier rewiev part one (Mono & Stereo)

By |2018-03-19T18:31:42+00:00March 2nd, 2017|Elysium|

TRAFOMATIC AUDIO ELYSIUM POWER AMPLIFIER REVIEW PART ONE How do you approach and review of the amplifier like Trafomatic Audio Elysium? With awe, bowing down respect, unaltered audiophile criticism, sublime appreciation…? Well, it depends on one’s modus operandi and purview of high end and ultra high end audio. The exotic part of our beloved, yet [...]

June 2016

Trafomatic Audio 300B STEALTH amplifier story (Mono & Stereo)

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Sometimes when passion, emotion, friendship, and savoir-faire are mixed, something special is created.  In this particular case the result was an out of ordinary 300B integrated amplifier. Where it all began So then, after an early morning conversation during breakfast at the Munich 2015 High End show, the 300B STEALTH was born. With the former [...]

April 2016

Trafomatic Audio LARA line level preamplifier NEW (Mono & Stereo)

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Trafomatic Audio strikes again. Saša Čokić new creation comes in the form a all new line preamplifier in two chassis and priced below 10k. LARA is fully balanced, remotely controlled Class A line stage with outputs transformers, custom made chokes, separate power supply and 20dB gain. LARA implements 6N30P tubes for best linearity, transparency and [...]

Trafomatic Audio ELYSIUM (Mono & Stereo)

By |2018-03-19T18:31:43+00:00April 2nd, 2016|Elysium|

Trafomatic Audio ELYSIUM ultimate power amplifiers NEW   Along with other just introduced new products, Trafomatic Audio is unveiling the all new ELYSIUM ultimate power amplifiers. This cost no object exploration of the state of the art tube musical reproduction will be a part of the new product line. ELYSIUM can operate either in Class [...]

February 2016

August 2014

May 2014

April 2013

Trafomatic Audio Phono Nona (Mono & Stereo)

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Trafomatic Audio Phono nona One of the kind New ultimate statement phono preamplifier from the tube artisan Saša Čokić of Trafomatic Audio. This a is sole project without any boundaries. Specs: Battery for anode voltage D3a tubes TLR Riaa Frequency response 20hz- 20khz Inputs: MM 47k MC inputs:  RCA and balanced 20, 50 , 100 i [...]

December 2011

Trafomatic Audio Vilobha monos (Mono & Stereo)

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Winter white tube magic Saša Čokić execution in tube perfection. Custom made, this for sure looks like premium valve mono-blocks. This giants behold paralleled single-ended 20 watts per channel. Starting with C3m input pentode, directly coupled with EML 45 driver tube. This one is further coupled to two 75TL in parallel. There is even EZ81 [...]