January 2020

Report: Zellaton ‘Birth of a legend’ show at Rhapsody – landslide (

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Upcoming legend - Trafomatic Audio For the ultimate control of the highly critical Zellaton Stage displays, a qualitatively matching control is really necessary. But Rhapsody has taken it very seriously this time and has really gone all the way. In addition, the relatively unknown tube amplifiers of the Serbian brand Trafomatic were chosen in the [...]

November 2019

CanJam Shanghai 2019

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It is our pleasure to inform you that Trafomatic audio and HiEnd Panda will participate in this year's CanJam Global headphone audio show that will take place in Shanghai.

May 2019

October 2018

Trafomatic Audio at the HI-Files show Belgrade 2018

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HI-Files Show 2018 , Belgrade,  Holiday Inn hotel As Trafomatic Audio we are known all around the globe for our great looking and sounding hand made tube amplifiers. All over the globe, except for... our own backyard: our homeland Serbia. Something that really needs to change, and fast! However, since time is not always on [...]

September 2018

CanJam Shanghai 2018

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Trafomatic Audio with Hiend Panda will debut the new Primavera headphone amplifier at CanJam Shanghai 2018, November 3-4 at the fantastic Shanghai Marriott Hotel City Centre. See also:

Интервью Саши Чокича, Trafomatic Audio

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Проектирование ламповых усилителей дело настолько специфическое, что посвятить ему свою жизнь могут лишь люди, не только владеющие техническим опытом, но и имеющие собственные представления о том, как должна звучать музыка при воспроизведении. Т.е. это своего рода оппозиция аудиомейнстриму с его главными ценностями — удобством, эффективностью и многофункциональностью. Именно такие нонконформисты и основали сербскую компанию Trafomatic Audio [...]

August 2018

Trafomatic Audio EU Service Point

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From September 2018 on Music2 audio import will be the EU-service point for Trafomatic amplifiers. This way EU owners of Trafomatic amplifiers can ship (if ever needed) their amplifier to Holland for services. This saves Trafomatic EU owners from a lot of custom-problems which they can run into if their amplifier must be send to Trafomatic in [...]

February 2018

Primavera at the CanJam Audio Show 2018

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At the CanJam audio show, held on February 17th and 18th in New York, we presented our High End headphone amplifiers Primavera. Show was very well visited and full of good energy. We are sharing with you part of the atmosphere in the photographs below. Thanks go to Frederic Crane who exibit our full range [...]


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Primavera  is the reborning in our lifes cicles. It's the time when we celebrate the season of renewal and regrowth. The brand new Primavera heaphone amplifier from Trafomatic audio is precisely this, a new,  fresh approach for the most intimate listening, and is here to stay for all the years around. During the immersion in [...]

May 2017


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Nice photo set from Igor Opassi's (Tafos Mudio & Multimedia) visit of the Trafomatic Audio factory premises in Serbia. You can spot quite few exotics there (Elysium, Collins) and a Trafomatic system getting ready for the Munich High End Audio Show 2017. Link:

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