Rhapsody - integrated amplifier Rhapsody is the pinnacle of our decades of experience in developing State of the art valve amplifiers. The name itself is the expression of [...]



EOS - integrated amplifier The EOS integrated amplifier is the most powerful integrated amplifier in the Trafomatic Audio productions. It is constructed as push-pull using well known KT120 output tubes. Output [...]


Elegance Evolution

Elegance Evolution - Integrated amplifier The Elegance Evolution stereo push -pull integrated amplifier is a successor of highly regarded and awarded Experience Elegance integrated amplifier. Both, the design and topology follows natural progression [...]


Premise Evolution

Premise Evolution - Tube Integrated Amplifier The Premise Evolution stereo tube amplifier is continuing the legacy of highly regarded and awarded Premise integrated amplifier, that was inspired by our renowned and iconic [...]


Evolution One

Evolution One - Integrated Tube Amplifier The Evolution One is one of the finest products in its class. Single Ended topology, no-negative feedback, Double-C core output transformers and top-notch power supply [...]


Evolution Two

Evolution Two - Integrated amplifier EVOLUTION TWO What can 8 watts of pure tube power deliver? A musical joy, palpable musical of 300B Meet the all new Trafomatic  Audio Evolution Two [...]


Experience Two MK II

Experience Two MK II - Tube Integrated Amplifier At Trafomatic Audio we never sit still and rest on the past glories. As technology moves forward we’re searching for the new solutions and refinements [...]



Aries - Integrated amplifier Like our custom 2A3 monos and reference white Kaivalya EL84 monos, the Aries integrated began life as a custom commission. Unlike the two others, this time the client [...]