Dear  Trafomatic partner,

For those of you who are planning to visit us at the Munich High-End we would also like to inform you about some special demonstrations which will be given at the Blumenhofer Acoustics Factory in Walkertshofen. Their factory is more or less an hours drive from the Munich High-End, so if you can spare the time, feel free to drop by, you will not regret it!

During these sessions the Trafomatic Elysium mono amplifiers will run the Blumenhofer Classic (BHC) 1743 loudspeakers, source material Reel2Reel recordings and vinyl, pre amplifier the Trafomatic Lara and Luna phonostage.

During these sessions they will serve you the best coffee in Germany, if you’re in for something else: they’ll have it…

Dates and address:
Friday 10th- Saturday 11th– and Sunday the 12th of May , daily from 12.00 -17.00
Blumenhofer Acoustics, Holden 2, 86877 Walkertshofen, Germany

For making appointments, please contact Marco de Wilde:
Cell: +31 6 51 60 80 34