Elysium – Mono Power Amplifier

After 20+ years of exploring the exotic and ultra high end audio music reproduction we’re proudly presenting our cost no object, flagship state of the art mono-block power amplifiers. Trafomatic Audio was always pursuing the very different path of the musical reproduction beyond typical audiophile norms and with the inner momentum of pure, unaltered sonic performance at the highest level.

In the ultimate pursue the sum of the parts can only be subordinate to the utmost purity and Elysium defines what is possible beyond typically given high-end audio industry norms. We care to differ and we dare to differ!

Elysium is embodiment of the state of the art musical reproduction translating into the most demanding, flamboyant, and complex aural experience transcending time and space, always conveying the ultimate sound utopia in absence of typical, overused approaches. Others speak of transparency, focusing and resolution. We enforce the natural massiveness of reality in the absence of usual compromises.

Elysium’s embodies Pure Class A DHT single ended utmost refined circuits via Eimac 250TL output tube resolving with 60 Watts of Class A unrestrained power output per channel, implements EML 20b-V4 as most linear DHT and EML 5Z3 rectifier as well. 250TL is directly coupled by the unconventional interstage transformer to EML 20B-V4. This is a unique and so far unseen approach deriving any last bits of sonic information from the the most refined audio sources.

Elysium’s innate sense of profound delicacy and luminous, uncompromising sound performance purely serves connoisseur Bon vivant, utmost demanding listeners.

Our flagship power amplifier encapsulate vividness, complex natural colors, perfect timbre and portraits the original events reenacted conspicuously, flourishing the exact musical language momentum with end of the road catharsis and natural scale leaving you speechless.

Nothing is hidden to the ear or of reserved nature. Elysium leads to the ultimate aural experience, taking no prisoners and defining of what’s possible in the domain of exotic high-end audio.


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Output power: 70W
Class of operation: Full DHT SE
Class A  20W, Class A1 20-70W
Tubes complement: 2x 20B-V4 EML
1x 5Z3 EML , 1x 250TL EIMAC
Inputs: RCA/XLR
Tubes protect: Wood/glass cover
Outputs: 4 and 8 ohms
Input sensitivity: 3.5Vrms
THD %: 0.3% – 1W/1KHz, 4% – 70W/1KHz
Frequency bandwidth: 10Hz(-2dB)-60KHz( -3dB)
S/N Ratio: 83dB
Input inpedance: 47K
Power consuption: 500VA
Input voltage: 230V/50Hz (100-120-220-240V available on request)
Size: 620x520x800mm
Weight: 85kg per mono