Primavera – Headphone Amplifier

Primavera  is the reborning in our lifes cycles. It’s the time when we celebrate the season of renewal and regrowth. The brand new Primavera headphone amplifier from Trafomatic Audio is precisely this, a new,  fresh approach for the most intimate listening, and is here to stay for all the years around.

During the immersion in the musical message, the richness of colours, the smells, the clouds, the sun, and dirt are there, all of the emotions are exposed, for our amusement. Capable of driving even the most demanding loads, it’s striking design sets the Primavera as a pure objet d’art, an icon in the rarefied world of Hi-End.


  1. Direct coupling between stages
  2. Implements special C-L-C anode voltage filter using Mundorf MLytic HV type electrolytic and High inductivity filter choke made by Trafomatic Audio
  3. Completely separated power supply for each channel including main transformers
  4. II C core oversized output transformers
  5. The output transformers are highly sectioned with harmonically sized sections, which results in a minimum leakage inductance and the best high frequency performance
  6. Zero feedback

Primavera Headphone Amplifier – Image gallery


Class of operation:
Single End  DHT class A
 1x 6S45P and 1x SV 811-10 (SV572-10 )per channel
Input voltage: 230V/50Hz- 115V/60Hz selectable
Power consumption: 280VA
Headphone Output impedance: 25 – 50 -100 – 300 and 600ohms
Gain: 33 dB
Maximum output power on headphone output: 9W into 50 ohms
THD at 0.5W/1kHz: 0.2%
Output for headphones: Neutrik 4 pins balanced connector + ¼” Neutrik connector + 2 x Neutrik 3 pins balanced connectors
Inputs:  XLR + RCA
Input sensitivity: 0.5Veff – Input impedance: 47Kohm
Frequency bandwidth: headphone and line out 10Hz (-1dB) – 80KHz (-3dB)
S/N: 88dB
Weight 30 kg
Dimensions W 340 x D 480 x H240 mm