HI-Files Show 2018 , Belgrade,  Holiday Inn hotel

As Trafomatic Audio we are known all around the globe for our great looking and sounding hand made tube amplifiers. All over the globe, except for… our own backyard: our homeland Serbia. Something that really needs to change, and fast!

However, since time is not always on our hands, we get invited on every foreign audio show you can think of, this was harder than expected! To force ourselves to at least join our National show this year we decided to clear our agendas for November and participate in the Belgrade High End Show 2018. Just to show our own people for once what we stand for. Not the average way, but the Trafomatic way: Big, Spectacular, Impressive and all of this combined with a lot of Fun!

As for this first time opportunity we thought of showing you some of our Reference products: The Lara line level preamplifier, Pandora mono amplifiers and Luna phono preamplifier. These hand-build tube amplifiers will be surrounded by some other Icons in the High End Audio business: Blumenhofer Classic 1733 loudspeakers, a Dr. Feickert Woodpecker turntable (which comes with a very special van den Hul Cartridge, the Black Crimson, the first commercial cartridge built by the son of AJ van den Hul, William together with his father A.J. van den Hul), everything connected by Way cables.

A great list of equipment, no doubt about it, but most of all we want you to show our love for what it is all about, MUSIC!

Just like  Ludwig van Beethoven once said:

” Music should ignite the fire of the heart of men and tears into the eyes of women! ”

We will bring you entertainment by playing some great albums while the whole Trafomatic Audio team will be there to answer whatever question you have!

So if you are in the mood for some great music or just want to be flabbergasted by our amazing products, please join us on the Holiday Inn hotel, Ul. Španskih boraca 74, November 17 and 18. You will find us in exhibition-room  Mileševa.