From September 2018 on Music2 audio import will be the EU-service point for Trafomatic amplifiers. This way EU owners of Trafomatic amplifiers can ship (if ever needed) their amplifier to Holland for services. This saves Trafomatic EU owners from a lot of custom-problems which they can run into if their amplifier must be send to Trafomatic in Serbia (non EU) for service, upgrade or repairs.

For this service we got us a very experienced person who can take care of every kind of problem you can run into with audio electronics, his specialisms are tube amplifiers and cd-players. Our ”Chef de Technique” goes by the name of Fred Louwerheimer, who also works under the name Q-analogue.  Since 2017 he also acts as the EU-servicepoint for Merril Audio and BeNeLux servicepoint for CEC. His working station is located in our 2 storey companybuilding called ”Old School Hifi”, which you can find at the following address:


Music2 audio import

Dwarskulk 1

3151 ZD

Hoek van Holland

The Netherlands


For contact you can use (how obvious) our contact-page, it goes without saying that we can also help you with electronics from other brands. So if ever needed, don’t hesitate, and feel free to contact us: